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The Top iOS Downloads of All Time

Apple is approaching the 10 billion app download mark and they have listed their top downloads for the iPhone and iPad. Pretty interesting for what’s on, and not on, the list. Let’s start with the top iPhone lit for all time in the top paid category. Notice that Angry Birds isn’t #1 and Cut The Rope isn’t on the list at all. And notice how many of these ‘apps’ are games:

1. Doodle Jump

2. Tap Tap Revenge 3

3. Pocket God

4. Angry Birds

5. Tap Tap Revenge 2.6

6. Bejeweled 2 + Blitz

7. Traffic Rush

8. Tap Tap Revenge Classic

9. AppBox Pro

10. Flight Control

OK let’s do iPhone free apps next: where Google makes some noise on iOS

1. Facebook

2. Pandora Radio

3. Google Mobile App

4. Shazam

5. Movies by Flixter

6. The Weather Channel

7. Google Earth

8. Bump

9. Skype

10. Paper Toss

Moving onto the iPad it’s the top paid apps of all time. iFart is here, a $5 song identifier and a $5 flight tracker – really? Wait and no Angry Birds at all?

1. SoundHound

2. StickWars

3. FlightTrack

4. BackBreaker Football

5. Calorie Tracker

6. BlocksClassic

7. iFart Mobile

8. GoodReader

9. Cro-Mag Rally

10. Ambiance

And finally the free iPad apps. Notice that unlike the iPhone there’s no FaceBook here likely because the Facebook apps only comes in an iPhone version and on the iPad you can just use the browser happily). Also Skype is missing – apparently there’s something to do with a camera impacting this:

1. Pandora Radio

2. Google Mobile

3. Movies by Flixter

4. Google Earth

5. Yelp

6. Fandango Movies

7. Remote

8. iBooks

9. Bible

10. Solitaire

So what do you think? This look about right to you? Man, all that Angry Birds attention and it’s not #1 in any category.