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The Unsung Apps of Windows Mobile

imageSense is killing my HD2 and left me with no option but to kill it first. And that left me with the default home UI and without a Twitter client (I still think that tab was at the root of the problem). I don’t really Tweet much – I use it like an RSS feed actually but it is something I do every day. So off to the Marketplace I go looking for a free Twitter app and up comes Pocketwit which meets all of my criteria (shows me Tweets and is free – I’m a simple man). Well all in it’s pretty decent actually. A neat way to scroll through Tweets that’s somewhat panoramic (with the menu exposed by swiping to the side). I’m not sure why it has so many negative comments (maybe it’s custom ROMs, I don’t know) but it works for me as advertised. Anyway, it got me to think about how many apps are out there that I’ve never used or heard of and quite frankly we’ve missed on the site.

So here’s your chance. If you’re still hanging with Windows Mobile shout out an unsung app or game or maybe even one that we covered but you think is worth reminding people of. Speaking of which, may as well plug Opera Mini again since it’s probably the quickest and lightest way to browse the web even though it defaults to the mobile site. OK I’m really done now. The stage is yours.

UPDATE: By the way, if you have a link share that too…I forgot to mention that