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The WM 6.5 Hype

The more I read about 6.5 the more blah I was feeling about it. A lot of the bloggers seem to be reporting a lukewarm reaction to it and are generally underwhelmed. In our UI poll it garnered a decent 12% which is pretty good considering it’s not even out yet:) So to resolve the discrepancy I made an executive decision the other day to try it out for myself and installed my favorite chefs ROM. And I don’t want to take it too far but I was really surprised at just how much better of a user experience I felt that 6.5 was. Of course, it’s a cooked ROM so automatically there’s usually a better experience (since it’s customized more for users like us:)) but putting that aside it’s a lot more rounded, faster, smoother and dare I say prettier.  But then again, I’m just another person writing about this stuff so I want to put it to the people. What are your thoughts on WM6.5? Now anyone is free to post a comment (and please do) but if you are going to add to the polling then please only do it if you’re using WM 6.5 so that the people rating it are users and not people basing their decisions merely on what they read. 

So head over to Fuze Mobility and chime in on the polling.

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