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The WP7 Refresh

Clarity Consulting has again shown a demo of a concept WP7 app. This time the focus was to show the power and beauty of WP7. They actually show an existing iPhone app for Comcast and show what it leaves on the table. Let’s look at them side by side. Here’s the current app for the iPhone (which looks like it could be on WM6.5):

And now the WP7 version:

if you check out their website you can see a lot more detail of what they’ve added and it all has a clean look that’s media heavy and ultimately very eye friendly without being shy on info. They conclude “The conceptual Comcast mobile app for Windows Phone 7 highlights just a few of the incredible experiences and business opportunities that can be unlocked with this latest mobile solution. It is critical that organizations recognize and take full advantage of these new capabilities. Simply porting existing mobile applications does not leverage these powerful tools; re-examining existing applications and upgrading them to Windows Phone 7 will prove essential to the continued growth and success of your brand.” Here’s to hoping that apps of this nature and with these aesthetics are introduced to WP7.