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“They Import Our Tap Water to Make Their Pizza”

My wife said another thing of intrigue today, may or may not have been true, and it hit me that I should start a new thing here like MDLeaks but about something our wives or others of significance, the laymen of our lives, said, even if it has nothing to do with technology and with total indifference to the veracity of the remark. It’s Sunday so I’ll experiment with this a little further. But feel free to go to Engadget or whatever, though the brilliance you’re heart is after lies right here. We both know that. 

So we’re in a pizza joint today in the lovely waspy town of Westport Connecticut. She asked how the pizza was (she didn’t know we might have pizza when she decided to have breakfast so sat this one out frustratedly, maybe trying to enjoy my slices vicariously). I told her not bad but nothing compares to Sal and Carmine’s on 103rd and Broadway in Manhattan which has the best pizza in the world, no question. I recounted my last visit when a boy walked in with a bicycle, reporting to the owner that he had actually biked all the way up from Alphabet City (southeastern Manhattan) just for some pizza as this is the best pizza anywhere, ever. Hands down.

So my wife says that New York City has the best pizza in the world because of something special about our tap water, which as you surely know is regarded as the champagne of tap waters, and that it is common practice of pizza places and Italian restaurants in Los Angeles to actually have our tap water shipped all the way over so that they can make New York City-caliber pizza.


I said I’m gonna have to run that one by the fellas because that’s the ingredients of quality OC. Sounds a little bizarre, her claim,  but we all know that the best pizza is New York City pizza and that it could be tied to our uniquely awesome water, well I can see the potential for truth here.

Unless you’ve got a better theory…

Doug Simmons