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“Thin is in” with the UltraThin Matte for iPhone 4

My Dad always carried a few extra pounds and when the subject ever came up would respond” “Thin is in, but FAT’S where it’s at!” Well when it comes to cases, my Dad would not sell to many cases with that philosophy.  And representing the “This is in” part of the famous quote he used is the UltraThin Matte for the iPhone 4:

Zero 5 (0.5mm) Matte is a new addition to the Zero 5 World’s Thinnest case series for iPhone. It’s thin and light weight, it’s almost unnoticeable when installed.

Zero 5 Matte for iPhone 4 has a soft matte finish coating which gives a good grip and nice feel for your hands. It’s recyclable. Buy now and let nothing come between you and your iPhone 4.

**Zero 5 can cure the reception issues of iPhone 4 while showing the full beauty of iPhone design.

Buy now and get this for FREE:
● Front Screen Protector (Clear) x 1
● Back Glass Protector (Clear) x 1
● Mircofiber Cleaning Cloth x 1

Also when you buy the Zero 5 Matte you will receive a free Wallet Size iPhone Stand which is a $9.90 value

(Please note that Mobility Digest DOES NOT condone the practice of bedazzling your device.)

All this is yours for for the low price of $19.90. Head on over to to order.


● Ultra-thin with thickness of 0.5mm
● Protective and made of durable TR90
● Perfectly fits your Apple iPhone 4
● Easy access to all controls and device features
● Allows charging while in case
● Covers the back and corners of the Phone