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ThrottleLauncher 1.0 (Final) Released

ThrottleLauncher is the very popular UI replacement that is incredibly customizable. Today we were greeted with the release of ThrottleLauncher 1.0 (final). This should give you an idea of what kind of smoothness and customization to expect but remember, it’s running a ThrottleLauncher theme. In other words you can install themes on top of ThrottleLauncher so you can mimic other UIs as well and you can install widgets also. And as a bonus, for first time users you are greeted with a tutorial when you first launch it.

You should load this to main memory for speed purposes and it supports all screen resolutions.



For complete release information and download instructions head here to the developer’s website and here to the XDA thread. Of course, remember to use the donate link if you like APBilbo’s work.

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