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UnJumble VGA Now Available

Back in January we mentioned UnJumble, but it was QVGA only. It’s a neat little freeware word game where you get a 8 letters and you need to unjumble the letters to spell words that are at least 3 letters in length as fast as you can . You’re goal is to find enough words (or you can spell one eight letter word) to meet the goal before the clock expires and there are three levels of play which get harder as you get better. There’s no installation. Just download the file and run the .exe from your phone. There’s now VGA version available and if you are using a QVGA device there’s an updated version that has better game logic (so it gets harder after level 25), support high score support, game saving and cab installation. The downloads are available here. If you like it, consider supporting the developer.