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ThrottleLauncher WP7 Theme Released

So as expected the WP7 theme for ThrottleLauncher has been released in beta and is available here from 1800PocketPC. I have tested it out on my Fuze and it’s very smooth. It is a beta though and I don’t see it replacing TF3D but nonetheless, if you want to get the WP7 look it’s certainly worth giving it a try. Remember, WP7 is more than a theme. In the end the power of it is that it connects all of your social networking and is ‘live’ and that’s a very hard thing to reproduce. This theme works as a theme and has the look and feel of WP7 but remember that it’s a beta so don’t expect to have a WP7 phone just by installing a beta. I still like the project and where it’s headed and it’s very neat to get to play with a WP7 theme that’s pretty accurate (including some of the page animations and transitions which is great). Take a look at it for yourself:

The XDA thread is located here and make sure to install the contacts and picture fix located here. If you like the project make sure to donate to both the developer for the theme and ThrottleLauncher.

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