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Tiltpod Mobile keychain tripod, you know you want one

This is one of those things you’ll either understand with all your heart of it just doesn’t make sense to you. Priced at $15 from photojojo online store, this little piece of genius sure does have its appeal. If you’re not of the camera shy generation that is!

Wait. Stop! Check your pockets. You’ve got your keys, right? What about your phone? Okay, good. What about your tripod? No? Let’s fix that. Forever.

Presenting the Tiltpod Mobile, a keychain-sized go-anywhere ball head tripod for the iPhone 4/4S.

The Tiltpod Mobile has a grippy base that holds tight on rough and smooth surfaces alike. Its iPhone-safe magnetic ball head mount pivots smoothly to position your iPhone at just about any angle for that perfect group shot.

Imagine what you could do if you always had a tripod in tow. Create an instant photobooth in the woods, on the street, anywhere. Take blur-free photos of fancy food on date night. Or shoot ultra-steady nighttime city views and time-lapse videos.

As long as you’ve got your keys, you’ve got a tripod. Just don’t lose your keys. We can’t help you find those.

I can’t help but wonder if this comes with an anti-purple haze feature. Oh wait, it does, just point it down. Nice!


source highsnobiety

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