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Get Better At Golf With Rokform’s Golf Shooter

I will just come right out and admit that I suck at Golf. I used to be decent at it but after several knee surgeries my swing is so inside out that I push the ball 2-3 fairways to the right each time on the tee box. If you are like me and tired of throwing your driver farther than your ball goes then check out the new Rokform Gold Shooter that makes use of your iPhone to analyze your swing and impending temper tantrum that follows. I actually excel at the post drive vulgarity string and weave a tapestry that would make even Ralphie’s Father proud.

This is Rokform’s first iPhone specific case mount recording device and will eliminate the need to take your wife out and have her hold your video camera while you make a fool of your self driving the ball into the beer cart. Not the one with the fat old guy driving, the one with the hot beer babe you were trying to impress last week. Anyway, head on over to Rokform’s webpage and brace yourself for a $130 dollars this will cost you. It’s better than the wife nagging you right?

Kit Includes:
• Rokbed v3 Protective iPhone 4/4S case
• Machined from Billet 6061 T-6 aluminum mount
• Golf Shooter shaft
• Golf Shooter soft cover
• Designed, engineered and made in the USA