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Time For Windows Phone 7 Apps For Today

Alright, I’ve been biting my nails all day waiting to share these with you. Today we include a Bing version of Google Live Search on a phone along with a lot of games.

First up, let’s do a puzzle game called Bob the Burglar (you can’t get that much Twitter love and not get the top spot). it’s a sliding puzzle game where you need to get the burglar to the safe by moving the tiles (which have predefined movements that you can visually see). It’s nice to see a puzzle game that thinks about both gameplay and aesthetics. And both seem to be dead on here:

Here’s one that’s definitely not getting enough attention. It’s called Bingy and it’s like Google Live Search, but Bing…and mobile. Yeah…you heard me right. Start to type and as you type the searches (or images) start to autofill in real time. Here she is:

O let’s go social for a second. First in this category is Springy! which is a client. So like the browser, you get to ask the community anything and it seems to include a lot of features like inbox, profiles, etc.

Keeping with the theme we turn to tickWell which is a…yup tickWell client (whose site is in Silverlight…just sayin’). So from your phone you can share your emotions, mood, and wellness with your friends and be notified of special moments. If you needed an explanation though, you probably don’t use it…anyway, it’s gain very full featured, even including toast notifications and panoramic views. Check it out:

OK, so being social isn’t working for you? How about just being lucky. here’s a lotto/jackpot app that let’s you search the results of lotto games in the US, UK and Canada (even state by state) and you can sort by date and it even shows multiple games that the state has. And if you want it can pick some lucky numbers for you.

And I missed this one yesterday (sorry) but here are screenshots of Plan Bee from Rambuk Games. It’s an arcade game that gets you hooked but you can also play to just fill a few spare minutes. You control a bee whose job it is to pollinate flowers but you need to avoid obstacles like spiders. Graphics and concept are solid – now get me a video!;)

Every wanted a Seismometer on your phone? OK well in NY I don’t need it but I know it’s a big deal for a lot of you. Here’s one for your phone and it’s called iSeismometer (man, it’s an iThing). It’s actually great looking though and aside from acting as a portable seismometer, you can also view seismic activity around the world and it will be available at launch:

Oh one more (well you guys just keep releasing stuff). Here’s the beginnings of a port of Teeter for Windows Phone 7. It can’t be ‘ported’ since the source code isn’t available and if it’s copied too closely then there’s a copyright issue but you can expect a labyrinth type game to come out of this. And it’s an XDA project so you can jump into the conversation