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Time Warner Releases An iPad App

To all the Time Warner customers out there, you’ve got an app. With some caveats you can play 32 channels of streaming tv. Of course, you need to be a Time Warner customer with a basic cable plan and you need to connect over wifi over a Time Warner network (so at work you cannot connect for example). This is a simple live tv app and that’s all you can do with it – play what’s on at the time. It’s noted though that they are planning on adding more channels and the ability to control your DVR from the app as well. Here’s a video of it in action:

Ok so it’s not a SlingPlayer but on the other hand it doesn’t change what you watch on tv so if you’re already a TWC customer, may as well get this since it’s free. During March Madness you can use this as one of your game screens if nothing else. The inability to use it outside of a TWC network is pretty limiting but as an extra tv it works.

via PCMag