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Titanium iPad2 Cases Coming from MeeMojo

I don’t know if you recall but a while ago I posted about the Aluminum billet cases from MeeMojo and besides the awesome good looks of them, their price is what really stuck me. The aluminum cases ran into the hundreds of dollars. The same company is set to release a titanium version of those cases, there’s no price listed so I can only imagine that most of use wouldn’t be able to afford them. To make things even more pricey, only 250 of them with be made, so I’m sure that will made the price even go higher…, leading designer in aluminum iPhone and iPad2 cases, is now introducing a limited edition titanium iPad2 case. MeeMojo has had tremendous success creating aluminum cases for iPhones and iPads, but the introduction of the limited titanium case will even further their goal of designing a case that provides style and protection with attitude.

MeeMojo only plans on producing 250 titanium iPad2 cases, each one to have it’s own unique serial number. “Our aluminum cases have shown immense popularity,” said Tania Todorovic of MeeMojo, “but we wanted to add a unique case to give a more personalized feel.” To add to the personalization, customers will be able to add custom engravings to their titanium iPad2 case. The custom engraving will be personally added on the front face of each case with each customer’s choice of text.

MeeMojo will begin manufacturing on their titanium iPad2 cases once 50 cases have been pre-ordered. Seeing as only 250 are going to be produced, it is vital that customers get their names on the list quickly. A customer can be added to the list simply by filling out the contact form on the Contact tab at After that a representative from MeeMojo will reach out to the customer to finalize their information and preferred customized text for their serial numbered case.

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