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Herm’s App Store Is Open

Herm should be a household name by now. He brought use Shake & Win, the Magic 8 Ball, the Dog Whistle and Peg Jump.  Not a bad resume but he was just getting warmed up:) Herm has set his personal site live ( and with the launch come new apps and a new plan. He’s now featuring some free apps and some paid apps (at $.99) so let’s go through them to see what’s new.

First up is OpenGL Coin Toss which is a virtual coin flip that gives random results (you know, like flipping a coin). You shake your phone, it flips the coin and there’s some good animation here too with the coin coming up and finally settling. Also, if you turn the phone upside down the coin will ‘fall’ towards you to a virtual glass and flip as well (and the same thing in reverse on the way down). Pretty neat at just $.99 and once you pay it you won’t need to carry around a quarter any more:) An accelerometer is required for this.


Let’s stick with OpenGL but move to a slightly different app. This is a starfield simulation. Essentially, OpenGL Starfield Simulation simulates you going through stars but by moving the dpad you get to go through the stars at a difference angle. This is a freebie. 



Next up is iSounds which is a soundboard application. For $.99 you get a page filled with custom icons (there are more than the pic shows if you flick up on the page) and sounds and of course. Press the icon and get the sound. He has also provided a PC application to create your own themes so you can add your own photo and sounds and then load it to your phone (and even choose if the sounds repeats or not). From the Menu at top you can load your desired theme on the fly.



How about a a sound app that’s a little more of a one trick pony? Introducing iToilet (free). Guess what sounds it makes?:) Press the lever and you can watch and hear water cycle through the toilet. Very effective when your boss gives you a new project and you can show him what your thoughts are:)



And finally, for those of you that enjoyed the original Dog Whistle here’s an improved version for a mere $.99. Dog Whistle Full Edition gives you everything you know and love about the original dog whistle (a/k/a mosquito sound) but adds fifteen preset sounds including beeps and sound oscillations. Again, some of us older folks may not be able to here all of the sounds, but it’s working…just watch the neighborhood kids yell at you for proof:) 


All of Herm’s apps have a polished feel that you probably already know about. He doesn’t skimp out on the little things and consistently the end result is a functional app that’s…well, pretty. Of course, he could stick menus on the right soft key, but seeing scrolling finger friendly menus and glossy images is certainly appreciated. So there you have it – a bunch of new toys that won’t break the bank. MS may be taking their sweet time in giving us an app store but developer’s are moving full speed ahead:) Enjoy and of course, thanks to Herm again for continuing to develop a great collection of apps.