To do sync in Windows Phone 8

To Do also known as Tasks seems to be a lost form of organization in todays offering of smartphones and devices alike. Admittingly, it takes a certain kind of person to fully understand and appreciate the medium ground between a simple calendar apt and a task with a reminder.

To Do was available on windows phone from the start, but was completely offline. There was no way to back them up or even have them synchronized over to outlook on the desktop, until now. I was pleasantly surprised when snooping around the other day, I noticed a “hotmail” option in my To Do options. I quickly ran to to see if this was indeed what I thought this was, and yes, there they were! Then on to outlook 2013 on my windows 8 laptop, I added Hotmail to my profiles, and there they were! Yes!

For the first time in years, I was able to manage tasks from my laptop and phone at the same time, this was a sure a treat from my Windows Mobile days! I had no idea how I missed this new addition to WP8 the first time around, but wow what a discovery, and addition on Microsoft’s part. It would have been nice if Gmail supported tasks, but I am not one to complain, as long as it can be done I am happy.