I saw this and had to pass it along. This is a 3 in 1 car charger, dock and mount by TOCC that looks pretty handy is almost 75% off today on 1sale.com for $7.99. I am not sure how stable the device would be in the upright position but for 8 bucks and free shipping it is worth a try. It says it is available for iPhone 5 and for Android. Head on over to 1Sale.com to get yours. Remember the sale ends today.

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Keep your phone charged in your car, office, or home with this 3-in-1 charger. It works as a dock and mount, allowing you to easily prop up your phone while driving for hands-free conversation, making this a must have accessory for commuters.


3-in-1 charging cable, portable dock & mount

Seamlessly snaps from upright to multiple poses

High speed USB 2.0 connection

Available for iPhone 5 (lightning connector) or Android (MicroUSB)


  1. Be careful with 1sale.com, they can take 2 months to ship things to you, but they charge your card immediately. there is NO customer service to talk about. It is only email and they won’t reply to your email for 3-5 days, that 3-5 days starts again when you respond to the generally useless email the send you…

  2. 1sale are stealers. They stole my money. Plain as that. Ridiculous at how low and crappy their customer service is.
    I had purchased one of their deals but changed my mind and asked them to return the item right after purchasing but no response for two weeks. After that a lot of back and forth but they still shipped the item (1 month after the purchase). They asked me to do a return to sender when I got the package and they would process the refund even though their policy is to not accept returns.
    Received the package via USPS when I wasn’t home. So I wrote RETURN TO SENDER and put it in the mailbox. Been two months and they don’t reply to my emails anymore. Raised a Paypal dispute but they showed Paypal the tracking info. So Paypal closed the case. What can you say to such a sh1tty company?

  3. Never had a problem with these 1 sale a day type sites. I have made several purchases, delivery was quick as expected. The products arrived as expected. Never had to return or cancel a purchase. You experience may vary.

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