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TomTom Runner Cardio GPS Watch with Optical Heart Rate Monitor

The smart watches keep rolling out which is nothing new because I have been using a Polar heart rate watch for a few years but having to strap on the chest sensor to do it with. Of course the low end watches are not coming with built in Bluetooth for syncing with smart phones or tablets either. The big push is at the high end GPS & Optical Heart Rate market pricing at the $250 dollar range. These are coming in lower than the soon to be released Apple Watch which will have a lot more features of course including messaging and Apple’s own iHealth app built in.

TomTom has launched a Runner Cardio GPS Sport watch with a built in heart rate monitor eliminating the need for a chest strap and a GPS  receiver that produces real-time information at a glance so you can track time, pace, distance, speed and calories burnt as you run. Now, Android users won’t be left out of TomTom’s MySports app software and have access to the wonderfully convenient features of the app that uploads data from the TomTom watch to easily access your key activity information and track improvement without connecting to a computer.

Recently made available for Droid users, MySports provides consumers with real-time tracking and monitoring results in any type of workout or activity they partake in using a TomTom Runner Cardio or TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Sport Watch. The QuickGPSFix helps your watch find your precise location quickly so you can start your activity sooner. The app is currently available for the Galaxy S3, S4, S5, Nexus 5, HTC One and HTC One M8 and connects using Bluetooth capabilities.

TomTom, who also makes the Nike+ Watch for the $140.00 price point will hopefully roll this technology out to Nike as well to get them caught up to speed with the latest technology. I really like the Nike App and the biggest frustration I think people will have is not being able to take their history on one platform and lose it all changing to a new platform.

Check out the TomTom site for more information and to purchase.