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Top Five Must Have iPhone Apps

In a growing world of smartphones, there are many manufacturers and distributors claiming to be the best in smartphone technology. Something however that is becoming a common theme throughout the smartphone world is the use of the App to further the ease of use as well as the functionality of these high tech devices. A leader in the App race, Apple has been doing it longer than the rest and I can honestly say that before getting the iPhone, I wasn’t all that blown away by what Apps could do. It was only after I had purchased the iPhone that I discovered their true potential.

Being a college student, my life may be slightly more hectic than the next guys or gals, but I’m pretty sure some of the Apps I have discovered and I am currently using will make a world of difference in anyone’s life who wants to squeeze that little something extra out of every day. For your benefit, I have put together my top five free Apps for you below in hopes that you too will get the same great benefit out of them as I have. By the way, these Apps don’t go in any particular order in terms of favorites, because as far as I am concerned these Apps are all my favorites.

*Note all links are to iTunes

App #1: Google

Alright so this one is kind of common sense but for those of you who don’t have the Google App need
to get it! I have a Gmail account making that App everything I need in terms of staying up to date with
work and school while I am on the go. Also to have the power of a Google search at your fingertips is
pretty cool!

App #2: The free Weather Channel

For those of you who don’t have a T.V. in your room (me included), maybe woke up a little on the late
side, have no idea what the weather is going to do for the day and need the information in a hurry; this
App is perfect. It gives you hour by hour, 36 hour or 10 day weather information, a radar map option,
watches and warnings in your area (if there are any) and is definitely accurate enough to give you a
great one or two day forecast. (I wouldn’t use it to plan anything significant in an upcoming week)

App #3: To Do’s

Take that shopping list or traditional to do list that you always had posted to the fridge, crammed in
your wallet or purse and throw it out because now you have it on your iPhone! This App has some great
features allowing you to input To Do’s with varying level of importance to help keep you on track. This
App also features a notes section below the title of your To Do, allowing you to be as vague or detailed
as you want to be.

App #4: Web MD

I’m not a hypochondriac I promise you but when I start to not feel well I like to have a ball park figure
of what is wrong so I don’t sound like an idiot when I’m the phone with a nurse scheduling a doctor’s
appointment. I am recommending this App to you because of the success I have had with it in correctly
diagnosing illnesses I have had. In fact, it I so accurate that the last four times I have gotten sick, Web

MD has been right! I say that is a pretty good success rate for an App!

App# 5: Spending Lite

I do not care who you are and whether you think you don’t need this App or not, I’m going to just lay it
down and tell you that YOU DO! This App, even the free version that I am currently using enables you
to track the money in your bank account, track how you spend it and it even wraps it up in a convenient
package, allowing you to view weekly, monthly and yearly debits and credits to your account, ensuring
you know exactly what is going on in your finances (A must have in these volatile financial times).

I can honestly, say that if I didn’t have these five Apps, I would be lost in my hectic schedule, I would
have an overdrawn bank account and I would not be able to juggle, work, school and the other activities
that I love to do. These five Apps have helped me immensely and I hope they give the same benefit to
you too, making your life a little easier!

Michael Blumreich is a contributor for a computer review site.  He’s currently a university student and lover of all things tech.