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Top Rated “BallFallDown” Available For Windows Phones–Get Your Creativity On

It’s a game with no levels. You create a board that’s interactive and choose what happens on the board…and that’s the game. When I first saw it I looked past it until I saw the ratings and reviews it has and took a second look. Here’s a video of it in action so you can see why it’s so popular:

And let’s do the official description because they do a good job going through it:

BallFallDown Deluxe is an innovative, open-ended construction toy. Construct your own marble run or build brand new toys with the whole family!

Design your own marble run using a variety of balls, platforms, spinners, flippers, and tubes. Use the simple touch screen controls to rotate, lengthen and shorten, and drag pieces around the play space. And experiment with unique features like teleporters that beam balls across the play area. (Try that with a traditional marble run!)

No levels… no points… no timers… just hours of unlimited fun for kids and adults of all ages!

#3 Paid iPad Overall (March 2011)

#1 Paid iPad Entertainment (March 2011) Selected in iPad App Store for Staff Favorites, New and Noteworthy, Apps for Kids, and Apps for Learning Physics

Here’s what the press has to say:

"Incredible construction toy for open-ended play… BallFallDown Deluxe is a super app. (★★★★★)"

"This is my new favorite app. I spent one hour straight playing this game, until I tore myself away to write this review… My whole family loved this app; I had a hard time getting it away from my younger brothers, and even my parents had fun for once with my iPad."

"BallFallDown Deluxe shows that gaming for children doesn’t have to be about points or levels, but that given the right space and a wide variety of tools children will set their own goals and develop strong design thinking. Props to the developers." – – GeekDad

" the most stress-free, relaxing game I’ve ever played in my entire life."

"BallFallDown Deluxe for iPad is one of the most entertaining games I have ever played… I highly recommend this game and consider it a must buy." – StealthDawg Reviews Best of 2010 –

"This game will definitely be a hit with the younger audience, but … the kid in all of us can have fun playing around with BallFallDown” –

It’s just $2 but there is a trial so you can give it a go before buying it. Nice to see another developer come to Windows Phones.