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Top Ten Things Not To Post On April Fools Day

I absolutely love a good joke. Most of the time I even like a bad joke. The problem is that I have made my fair share of bad jokes. So here we are again on April 1st, the day best known as April Fools Day. As I am reading through about 50 emails from our team on potential gags to pull, and yes, we pulled a couple of them! I can’t help but shudder at the thought of an April Fools Day Joke gone bad like I did last year! In case you forgot, it was during the big missing Drivers Outrage that had to do with the Kaiser and several other devices. So what did I do? Well, I can’t relive that, so just read it for yourself here!

So yeah, not the best of choices for April Fools Day gags. But what I thought would be fun was to create a list of the “Top Ten Things Not To Post On April Fools Day”! So here goes:

10) Steve Jobs Health issue a Hoax, is secretly working on an iPhone variant for North Korean Leader Kim Jong-il that will launch their weapons of mass destruction and make him appear taller. 

9) XDA Developers current website issues the result of massive power failure because of Paula Dean trying to download all of Da_G’s Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM Kitchen for her annual Food Network Christmas Special.

8) Microsoft has just announced that they will be releasing Windows Mobile 7 on the second Tuesday of next week!

7) AT&T Press Release: AT&T to stop including the loads of trial ware on all their ROMs. Senior Spokesman said that: “From here on out, we just care about speed!”

6) Disney has just announced plans to release a new phone that not only has GPS so you can locate your kids, but will also teleport them to the Magic Kingdom where they can be picked up after you buy a Family 7 Day Vacation package including the Park Hopper option.

5) President Obama really fired GM Chairman and CEO  Rick Wagoner because he was secretly wasting too much time watching All In The Family reruns on his Samsung Omnia instead of using a Blackberry.

4) Charles Barkley beats up T-Mobile Executive because of a misunderstanding in a myFaves commercial. Barkley was asked about his new Sidekick and responded  that he would never be a Sidekick to Yao Ming.

3) Wildlife Researchers concluded that if you are ever cornered by a Bear that appears to considering you for it’s next meal, is that all you have to do to fend them off is hold your Mobile Device at a 90 degree angle away from you and run this application.

2) We are proud to introduce the newest Weather Monitors software that now can actually measure the voltage produced in a lightning storm. The is revolutionary software makes use of the special grounding properties within Cell Phones and allows safe an easy monitoring of Lightening in server electrical storms. (Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back!)

1) And the number one thing never to post on April Fools Day? Anything having to do with a Green-backed Tit or a  Tufted Titmouse!

I hope you enjoyed these. If you can think of any and want to share them, please drop a comment so all can enjoy!

Happy April’ Fools Day!