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Touch Pro 2 Reviewed (Translation Required)

Well it looks like the TP2 is already starting to make its rounds. This review comes courtesy of AreaMobile and the translation is rough (my favorite line is still "Part I: The Touch Pro 2 is adult, and there are no children’s diseases"). Regardless, there are a few goodies here. For starters, they note that the battery life is improved which is great especially considering we’re dealing with a larger screen. Also, there is a noticeable heft to this device which is expected on a device of this size with a physical keyboard. They liked the revised TF3D which makes it a lot harder to even find Windows hiding and even the start menu was replaced by a new page (that looks like the Programs tab in TF3D). Overall they were impressed and provided a few more screen shots to keep us drooling. Of course, none of his puts a device in our hands in the US as the Diamond (1) is still slated to be released from VZ shortly so the Diamond 2 may have a little delay.

Check the out the review and gallery here and their Diamond 2 review here. I know we’re still breaking in our Fuze’s but I’m already excited for its successor (and hopeful we can port everything else from the TP2 over to our Touch Pro’s to at least make me feel like HTC isn’t totally screwing us).

Via WMPowerUsers