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Touch The Music With Multitouch – Beta Released

As we discussed, multitouch is possible on resistive screens (the type we have that require pressure) and we discussed the concept here and even went through some demos here. Well back in April we showed you an app called “Touch The Music” that is a Guitar Hero type application. Well, let’s combines the first two sentences. The latest version of Touch The Music (v.2) contains working multitouch. What this means to you is that you can press two cords at once and both are registered. Pretty freaking cool. This latest version also brings support for almost all resolutions and brings a new level (but it’s only partially complete so it’s around 30 seconds of action). With that said, it’s always fun to try something new and multitouch Guitar Hero is a good thing:) Oh – press the end key twice to exit the game (I know it will be asked:))

Great job guys, and I know there’s a slight disruption to the project but we all hope it gets back on course so we can see a final project! Thanks again