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TuneIn Radio For Windows Phone: Free Local Radio Everywhere

imageimageTuneIn Radio was released in the Marketplace two weeks ago and has a solid 5 star rating with 65 reviews. It lets you stream over 30,000 AM and FM stations and you can sort by a lot of parameters. When you pick a station it gives you the stations lineup and even their Twitter feed and lets you change the quality of the stream to fit your needs. it runs under lock screen and is very slick overall. Here’s their description:

Local and Global Radio, at Your Fingertips

With TuneIn Radio, your Windows Phone is your portable radio. Take your local stations and programs with you wherever you go. Listen to Pearl Jam on KROQ while working out; listen to This American Life on NPR while on a road trip. Whether you’re at the gym or driving across the country, you’ll never lose reception.

New: Artist, Album and Song Search

Search for your favorite hometown radio station, or discover new favorites by searching for an artist or song that you love and see which radio stations around the world are playing that song right now!

Over 30,000 FM & AM Radio Stations

TuneIn Radio has the largest selection of stations available today. From NPR to The BBC, KEXP to KROQ, you’ll quickly find your old favorites and discover new ones.

If you want to see if there’s a station you like you can check on their website. Pretty sweet and it’s not even ad based – just free for now.