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Twist Fixes Apple Maps Functionality

I’m back, I know I’ve been AWOL for a while, but I’m trying to get my roof done still, it’s just slow going with just me doing it. It’s raining all weekend so I’ll be playing catch up. I think it’s funny about the whole Apple maps thing going on, I don’t see how they can release a broken product like this. If it was anyone else people would be up in arms and having a fit, but it’s Apple so people just accept it and they’re happy with it. If you’re not happy with it, you might want to check out Twist which adds missing functionality to your Apple maps.



With the launch of IOS 6, many iPhone users have raised concerns over the initial issues and feature omissions within the newly launched “Apple Maps” feature. Complaints range from public transit scheduling omissions, to basic functionality issues. With that in mind, many iOS users are looking for ways to improve upon there map experience; some are even avoiding IOs 6 altogether!

One app that is currently available on the market which can greatly improve on the Apple Maps experience for iPhone users is Twist. Available for free for all iOS devices, Twist lets you quickly share your arrival time and location with your friends, family, and colleagues. Whether you’re meeting up with friends, or running late to an urgent business appointment, Twist makes meeting up easier by eliminating the stress caused by uncertain wait times and travel delays.

Twist adds and improves on Apple Maps public transportation scheduling for iOS, providing a detailed ETA and scheduling assistant, complete with Yelp reviews for your final destination. Twist’s innovative appointment platform automatically accounts for traffic, different modes of transportation and your own habits when estimating your arrival time. If you’re running late for an appointment, Twist can even automatically text your pre-determined contacts to let them know your current location and ETA (Which is great when you are heading back in heavy traffic from work!)