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Two New Smartphone Apps for Anglers and Outdoorsmen from DataSport, Inc

Just in time for spring and summer fishing, DataSport, Inc. announces two new Smartphone apps to help anglers outdoorsmen find the times of peak activity. For over 37 years, sportsmen around the world have trusted DataSport Inc’s reliable and accurate Fish & Game Forecast to tell the best times to catch fish, see birds and other wildlife and maximize their success in the woods and on the water. Now, thanks to two new iPhone/iTouch and Android applications, fishermen can receive the DataSport forecast graphics as well as the highly-regarded Doug Hannon’s Moon Times directly on their Android Smartphones, iPhones and iPod Touches. 

The FishCast app is a simple, to-the-point application that allows users to select a date and view the forecast graph for that date. The graphs predict "excellent, "good" and "fair" activity times for hunting, fishing, bird watching and wildlife photography. They also include the current moon phase. There is no need to enter location data since the forecasts are accurate in the entire Northern Hemisphere.  Information and graphics are the same for FishCast and the previously-released HuntCast which eliminates the necessity of having to download both apps.

DataSport’s newest Smartphone app, FishTimes, is a text representation of the well known Moon Times and Moon Clock designed by legendary wildlife expert, inventor, underwater photographer and designer, Doug Hannon, also known as “The Bass Professor.”   “Most successful outdoor experiences have been proven to occur during periods of peak activity that can be predicted in advance,” said Hannon.  “We are pleased to be able to deliver this information in these exciting new formats.”

“On a long range basis, the instant availability of the DataSport information is critical to determining the best time for planning any kind of outdoor experience,”  said DataSport President, John Lehman, referring to the ability to pick out weeks with higher than normal fish and game activity. All apps can be found by searching “datasport” in the iTunes App Store or the Android Market. “Hannon’s Moon Times” are available for syndication in magazines and newspapers nationwide. “The DataSport Fish & Game Forecast” graphics are available for TV, Internet and newspaper applications nationally.

Fishcast and Huntcast are both available for $4.99 and can be purchased by CLICKING HERE

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