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Unicorn Wings clipped and iPhone gets Bluescreen Of Death

Silly us who claimed Apple had lost all innovation! After outfitting the iPhone 5S with a finger print reader the NSA could be proud of, a camera worthy of a “I see your  Lumia 1020 but I can take good pics too” and then managing to move 9 million of them (well, they didn’t say exactly how much were iPhone 5S vs. 5C, but seeing as how they only made 43 gold 5S, im going to guess they’re mostly 5C,) Apple knows what they’re doing!

So much so, that they did not stop the stealing of features from other platforms! Oh now, you thought the mission Control center was it? You thought the Nonfiction Center was a decent trick? They then went and stole the Blue Screen Of Death from Windows 2000/XP! Way to go Apple! What the hell am I talking about? Check out the video below!

But hold on, you know Apple had to make the bluescreen tons more elegant! After all, who wants a blue screen with informative text as to why the OS is shutting down to protect the system? Apple knows you don’t care why your phone is constantly rebooting, Apple knows you’re just going to deny it to yourself and others when asked. So, they made the Bluescreen totally blank! That’s right, they simplified the bluescreen, to just a blue screen! I knew there was something to tis Johnny Ives guy!

Also in other Apple friendly news, the iPhone 5S is said to be prone to apps crashing twice as much as they did on the last iPhone! What? You didn’t think 64bit architecture was just a gimmick did you? HA! Silly fruit things!


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