All Things Digital (of The Wall Street Journal) is now reporting the Microsoft and Skype is a done deal and they will officially make an acquisition announcement tomorrow morning at 5am PT (8am EST) for a price of $8.5b after considering their long term debt. Apparently Ballmer has been personally heavily involved in the negotiations. 

anyone else hoping their Windows Phone alarm wakes them up at all early tomorrow?


  1. Hey great. Now here’s another soon to be MS app/feature that will be way better on MS’s competitor devices than on it’s own.


  2. Building out an ecosystem while taking a dump in your competitor’s kitchen is sweet!

  3. Hmm, Google Voice versus Skype Out. Smart Move again, MS. Apple/RIM, it’s your move.

    Quick side note:
    For those of you who don’t know, Skype out in the US is $2.99 for 10,000 minutes a month (domestic calling).

    Just to show how nerdy someone (OK, me) can be about that, imagine this situation:

    – A MiFi device from Virgin (about 40 bucks a month)
    – Any device that has the Skype app and Bluetooth or a built in Mic with WiFi (Galaxy Player, Current Generation iOS device)
    – Skype-Out Account with phone number ($6.99 every three months I believe)

    (Why not Google Voice? It still needs a number to forward to…)

    Technically, you can have your own little carrier set up with no (smartphone) for 50 bucks a month. That’s why I will forever love Skype. eBay owned or Microsoft owned.

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