Mobile Edge has just announced the UrgentPower portable external battery that has a 2600mAh battery inside of it for about ten more hours of talk time on your smartphone. The UrgentPower should work with any phone, and it can even be used with tablets and eReaders and most any portable device. Price is $39.99 and it comes with microUSB, miniUSB and Apple 30pin cables along with one to actually charge the UrgentPower. As of now it doesn’t include a lightning adapter but it will in the future…

Mobile Edge, the industry leader in innovative and stylish laptop carrying cases and accessories introduces the UrgentPower universal smartphone battery charger. The USB UrgentPower battery will provide immediate backup power and add up to 10 additional talk-time hours to virtually any smartphone, and up to 300 additional hours to iPods and e-readers. 

Avoid the frustration of your phone shutting down by carrying the UrgentPower. With a powerful 2600mAh charge, the batterycharger is designed to give you that additional backup power when you need it most. This slim and compact unit comes with the connectors for smartphones, iPhones, digital cameras, e-readers, handheld gaming devices and even tablets.

The retail package comes with a USB charging cable, a Micro USB connector, a Mini USB connector and an Apple 30-pin connector. The UrgentPower can also charge an iPhone 5. Future units will include Apple’s Lightning Connector.

Charging your device is quick and easy. Simply connect the UrgentPower to your phone or other mobile device and enjoy immediate access to all your favorite features. The UrgentPower can be recharged easily from a laptop USB port or any USB power source. The sleek cylindrical design makes it convenient to stash in your pocket, handbag or favorite Mobile Edge carrying case.

The UrgentPower is available now and carries a suggested retail price of $39.99. Model number MEA2600.


  1. Come on Kristopher, there’s better, higher capacity, lower price options than this one. In fact I just picked up an I/O Magic 4400mAh pack at staples for $30. I would have ordered one of the bigger ones from Amazon, but needed it for tomorrow.

    • I know there are bigger and better and less expensive.. I’ve got 10,000mAh one myself and below, several of them in fact varying in sizes and prices and quality. I’ve reviewed a few here on Mobility Digest in fact.

      I just post about new mobile related products I come across, I’m not telling you to go buy them… I’m not recommending them, I don’t even know if it works as I’ve not gotten my hands on one yet.. Then again i can say that about any product at all.

      Just because the battery capacity is smaller doesn’t mean people don’t have a use for it. I’ve got one this size, and I believe the same capacity, tucked away with my iPod Touch so when the kids use it they can charge the battery. It works great and I don’t need anything bigger than that for that situation.

      Bigger isn’t always better.. my 10,000mAh battery is huge, about the size and weight of a 3.5″ hard drive and I wouldn’t want to carry that with me everywhere if I didn’t have to. Sometimes smaller is better, it just depends on the job it needs to do…

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