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US Navy Submarines Getting Secure eReaders called NeRDs

The US Navy Submarine Fleet will be getting a new gadget to help them pass the time while staying undetectable under the depths of the ocean.  According to Nellie Moffitt, manager of the Navy General Library Program, Navy Subs will be getting outfitted with eReader Devices preloaded with 300 approved books out of the library of 108K titles with titles like Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. These new Navy eReader Devices that will now be known as NeRDs will have no wireless features or ports to make them secure so that they could not fall into the hands of the enemy or provide locations for detecting where the subs are located. There is also storage limits for security  reasons that only allow the 300 titles instead of backing the NeRDs full of titles from the library. The US Navy is said to have 71 submarines in it’s fleet and each one will be out fitted with 5 NeRDs. For now the US Navy Subs are the only ones approved for these devices.