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Well Played, Apple

That disappointing announcement of a new iPhone that didn’t have the number 5 on it left many of us winded and wondering what they were thinking. Once Wall Street heard that news it triggered a small selloff.

Some of you declared your intention either to go Android or wait it out for the iPhone 5, identifying this as a failure of a beginning of the post-Jobs era. I too was disappointed, but figured they must have thought this out, that there’s no way they couldn’t see a little blowback coming, that what they did must have been good for business.

Well guess what chief, Apple sold over a million iPhone 4Ss in the first 24 hours of availability and how do you like that. That’s a lot, a million plus in 24 hours. New record actually. Certainly a new record for disappointments.

Place your bets on how the iPhone 5 will fare in comparison – but only in comparison to the iPhone because there is no other phone with this particular caliber of performance. By the way, regarding the post-Jobs era, turns out it doesn’t officially kick off for another four years.

Doug Simmons