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Tech Thoughts July 31st edition

Apple going colorful
At some point black and white gets old. There is bound to be some awesome color combinations created by pairing new cases with different colors.
Slowdown in iPad sales
Honestly I’m surprised. I thought the lower entry point due to the iPad mini would accelerate iPad sales rates.
SkyDrive name change coming
Are you kidding me? Nobody has never mixed up Sky & SkyDrive. Murdoch please have several seats!
Nokia Lumia 1020 experience
Proud owner of a new Lumia 1020. I couldn’t be happier with my experience thus far. All my apps and hames are snappy and its allowed me to do much better location scouting for my media business.
Mobile OSes, use what you love. The days of being a fanboy needs to stop. I use mostly Microsoft products and services but I also am picking up an iPad and use Google services too.
My take on Instagram
Ignoring millions of users when you’re a social sharing service is bad business. It reeks of short sightedness & clearly Facebook has not learned the lessons MySpace should have taught them well.
ISIS mobile payment platform set to takeoff later this year. Thanks to iPhone adoption. Love it or hate it but retailers back whatever Apple backs. So I fully expect NFC to take off the moment Apple launches its new iPhone.
I’m buying a MotoX and here’s why.
I’m a mobile tech fanboy. Ifnit is cool tech you can be sure I’m going to give it a test drive.
Microsoft Office Mobile Available for Android
For Office365 users. This is simply another step to allow some form of functionality and convenience for Office365 users.
Microsoft Android patent royalties now nearly a billion dollars. In fact I’m pretty sure it is a billion dollar revenue stream.
I’m quite sure this is another billion dollar business for Microsoft. So no need to worry about them running out of time to get Windows Phone where they want it. Now can we please get Windows Phone OS on the Surface Mini? Pretty please!

That’s all for today folks. Enjoy what the day brings.