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Dialing With Google Voice

Google Voice seems to be the next big thing in mobile technology, so it stands to reason that our phones need to have GV seamlessly integrated into its functioning.

Well, along comes the interestingly named AssassinsLament (does that mean he feels bad after he kills someone or he’s complaining about his job?) with gVo (not to be confused with the not-free GVDialer). As AL notes, “gVo dials your google number, enters your pin number (if you have one) then dials the person you wanted to call. This is the "Calling Card" method. Basically, it does what you can do by yourself, but in an automated way. Also, this method allows your Google number to  show up to the person you’re calling.

Here are some other tricks up its sleeve:

  • Select contact and dials their Number (Mobile)
  • Enter in a non-contact number and dials
  • VGA Only (for now, since I only have a Fuze to test on)
  • Limited skin support (you can change some graphics, but not much else for now)
  • Limited landscape support
  • Google Internet SMS (new!)
  • Google Callback (new!)
  • gVo Online feature: logs you onto Google Voice, and lets you do almost anything you want on there. Including, callback, SMS, check inbox, even fix settings.

Personally, I’m waiting until Google Voice allows us to port our current numbers, but when that happens, I’m all over this app. Great job, AL (I don’t figure I want to make a guy named AssassinsLament mad)!