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Video Editing Is Coming To Windows Phone 7 Via TrakAx

There have been questions over the availability for video editing software for Windows Phone 7 since the iPhone has software for this. And to date there hasn’t been a Microsoft solution. Fortunately a long time Windows Mobile developer is stepping up to the plate big time. TrakAx has confirmed to me in email correspondence that they are going to develop TrakAx Mobile for Windows Phone 7! Their current software is obscenely powerful for Windows Mobile but they’re not just porting it – they’re going to improve it by both decluttering it and generally improving the way it works.

For those of you who don’t know what TrakAx is, it is a complete mobile editing solution that let you cut video, make slideshows, add splash screens, animations, sounds…pretty much everything. Want to see what it looks like on a Touch Pro?

It’s very full featured as you can see. And since they’re going to port it to WP7 you can expect a cleaner look and feel to it plus of course it won’t hurt that we’ll be doing this on a device with at least a 1ghz CPU.

I think it’s worth noting that they were debating bringing this to WP7 or Android and have decided on WP7.

After much deliberation here in the office, we have decided to proceed with the WP7 – it seems to be picking up momentum and there is a good vibe about it. In the meantime, we need to improve our current offering, declutter some of the screens and generally get it to where we want it to be, so we have something really good to port to WP7.

I’m very excited for this as I think it’s a great piece of software for Windows Phone 7 and the platform and the developer both gain tremendously from this. By the way, if you have a Windows Mobile VGA device you can try it now in its current form which has a seven day free trial so why wouldn’t you?

And one final note. If anyone from Microsoft is reading (particularly someone in Ireland) – GET THESE GUYS A PHONE TO TEST IT ON. This is certainly deserving.