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Video Editor trakAx MovieExpress Demoed for Bada and Teased for Android

Back in the Windows Mobile days there was an incredible app called TraAxMobile.  While there’s no Windows Phone version there is now a Bada version in Beta and there’s some news about an Android version as well. TrakAx has told us:

The opportunity arose to develop the product for Samsung’s proprietary "bada" OS and we have just completed a Beta version running on Samsung’s Wave 3 phone. We have created a short  video showing the Beta app in action (now called trakAx MovieExpress) which can view from the link below:

It is important to note that the Wave3 device is at the lower level of the smartphone chain as far as hardware resources are concerned.

There’s no mistaking how powerful this is especially for a mobile app.  They have a lot of history with mobile video editing software and it shows. You can see that it’s extremely flexible but also user friendly. It’s that balance that will let anyone pick up this app and use it without much learning curve and kick out some slick videos.

They anticipate releasing the Bada version within the next two months. How about an Android version? “Later this year, we will be releasing an Android version, which will be similar to the app in  the video, but we have slightly more flexibility in terms of the interface and user experience.” They are planning an autumn release for Android.

We’ll keep you posted on its release. You can check out their site for more info and also see their other products, like the PC version.

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