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Droid RAZR “Strong Blade” part 2 video for Verizon

droid-razr-motorola-verizon-part2Yesterday I posted about the new video for the Motorola Droid RAZR called “Payload” which was was met with some criticism from some of our readers . Basically saying the video was over the top and lacked relevant information about the device itself. Android videos for Verizon all seem to be made into a series like the Droid Bionic was. So today, we have another new video on the Droid RAZR that takes a deeper look at the device and still maintains a very high tech over the top production quality that I really like. The video opens where “Payload” left off with the device being suspended by 4 blade points rotating and the narrator starts in about he Gorilla Glass front screen and the Kevlar back plate. They also talk about the water repellant nanocoating  and how thin it is. So this is a great part 2 in my opinion that continues on with their advertising direction and really drills down the device features. Check out the video for more on the Droid RAZR and drop a comment if this video hits the mark better for you.