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Vision: Sick Windows Phone Game Engine Demo (WM Tigre’s Predecessor)

Remember when the Tigre graphics engine was first shown off for Windows Mobile? it was an OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics engine and only worked on some of the newer phones but it was awesome. Well since then the engine has continued to grow and used in the game Space Tube which is available for Windows Phones. But now it’s progressed even further and it’s available for demonstration purposes in the Marketplace now in the form of a game called Vision that’s just a demo. It’s crazy smooth to the extent that  you have to try it even though it’s just a demo. The first demo is just a fly by and the other two let you move around a bit but there’s no game play here. Still, it’s a must see.

So you know, the new game engine is called Xpecular and the demo shows: particles, soft shadows, glow and lighting effects, reflections, virtual controller, lensflares.

Can’t wait to see this in action in a full scale game and so you know, it’s intended to work on Windows Phones, Windows and Xbox 360.