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Voxofon First To Announce VOIP For WP7

With all the news about Skype and Nimbuzz it’s good to see that some companies are releasing VOIP solutions for WP7 and Voxoon is the first. And you can call other VOIP customers on Skype with their software. Here’s their release:

Voxofon – a leading provider of mobile IP-based communication services – is extending its communication platform with support for the new Windows® Phone 7 by Microsoft® when it becomes available later this year, allowing users of the new smartphone to make long distance calls directly from their smartphones at up to 98% savings over traditional telecom prices.

Voxofon has been consistently out front in identifying and addressing communication needs. Its technology augments mobile convergence, bringing mobility to a whole new level by allowing a mobile device to optimize call costs and ensure security on-the-go.

A leader in providing convenient mobile applications for its VoIP service, Voxofon pioneered similar applications for iPhone™, Android™, BlackBerry®, and the Palm® Pre™ and Pixi™ smartphones. Users have praised its service as “by far the best, cheapest and easiest to use,” “flawless,” and a “must-have application.”

“VoIP for smartphones is a relatively new and welcome development, since mobile phone users have traditionally paid a premium for long-distance service,” says Voxofon CEO Alexey Goloshubin. “The rapidly expanding demand for smartphones for both personal and business use has increased demand for cost-saving applications such as Voxofon Call Abroad.”

Voxofon’s international calling services allow customers to call using their smartphone, computer, land line, or a cell phone. All Voxofon services are available under a single account, providing customers with the flexibility to use the service they find most convenient.

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