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VPlayer, Solid Video Player for Android

VPlayer, though still in alpha, is a simple and light video player by this guy, like RockPlayer though with a community consensus of being better all-around, that can handle pretty much any video format including divx, xvid, mkv, wmv (yuck), mp4 and a bunch of others. Probably your best bet to able to handle your preferred video format of choice that you’ve got streaming in on your porn Grateful Dead concert video torrents.

In addition to being free (donationware), unlike RockPlayer, there’s no annoying watermark, no nagging to pay up — yet, no need to install another app to figure out your CPU and configure the thing accordingly. Also even though it’s in alpha it’s on the market so no need to sideload or root. If you’ve got a Droid X or a Droid 2, sorry, no soup for you — yet. In case you’re reading this on an Android phone here’s your market link.

Doug Simmons