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Wacom’s Bamboo Paper Notebook App Now on Android

More Android news for you, this one is letting you know that you can know get the Wacom Bamboo Paper App for free! Yep, personally I like apps like this, ones that let you actually write your notes instead of typing, I find it easier and faster really to take notes, write down numbers of make like grocery lists. I have a few styluses (or is it styli?) and I do use them on occasion, but I wouldn’t carry one with my phone that’s for sure, but they’re great for tablets. Anyway you can go grab the Wacom Bamboo Paper app for free now on Google Play.

Wacom’s digital notebook application, Bamboo Paper, is now available on Google play. Building on the application’s huge success among iPad users, the launch of Bamboo Paper for Android provides a new and exciting way for this group to share ideas and concepts on a smartphone by combining Wacom’s intuitive application and natural-feeling pen.

As of today, more than 4 million iPad users already enjoy the digital notebook qualities of Bamboo Paper. Following this success, Wacom has launched Bamboo Paper for Android — a free digital notebook app that allows mobile device users to create and collaborate through handwritten notes, sketches and doodles. Bamboo Paper makes using Wacom’s Bamboo Stylus family or any stylus that come with smartphones much more fun, allowing creativity to take place on the move. The app is initially available for the Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note II and the Galaxy SIII with more devices to be added at a later date. Note taking, sketching and doodling has never been easier or more intuitive on an Android device.

Bamboo Paper continues to push Wacom’s Bamboo brand mission forward, offering visual thinkers a way to construct and share ideas digitally. It provides an interface that is natural, fun and easy to use. Being one of the first apps by Wacom, Bamboo Paper adds a new element to the existing range of input devices (Bamboo Stylus range and Bamboo pen tablets) and gives users a very natural “pen and paper” experience.

As with all Bamboo products by Wacom, Bamboo Paper takes advantage of Wacom’s experience and expertise in pen-based input by offering a natural writing and sketching tool. Ideas become much more lively when using a Wacom pen, providing realistic inking and a fluid interface to make quick notes, sketches or drawings.

Bamboo Paper for Android is available from today as a free download in Google play and Samsung Apps. Download the Bamboo Paper app here: