Eldar Murtazin (editor-in-chief of Mobile-Review.com) is a considered an insider and often has a lot of solid leads. So, what do we make of this tweet?

On the one hand it makes sense that Nokia wouldn’t want to limit their future to the success of Windows Phones especially as Microsoft can take the platform in lot of directions over time. On the other hand, if they wanted to use Android it’s pretty simple to get it running so why wait? Based on this they’d just be an Android manufacturer without any enhanced rights, like Microsoft is granting Nokia for WP7.

Oh and maybe those Google execs should have been a little reserved before…you know, being dicks.

File this under rumor and of course, we’ll have a wait until we find out if it’s accurate.


  1. I don’t see Android with Nokia. They were pretty solid saying wp7 is there official operating system. He was pretty emphatic about it more than once

  2. This would singlehandedly undo the whole announcement made on Friday and destroy any credibility Stephen Elop and Nokia have. And judging by the firmness of the statements Stephen Elop makes and keeps making, I’d say its just an android fanboy trying to drum up some negative press for the deal. And this: http://conversations.nokia.com/2011/02/11/stephen-elop-and-steve-ballmer-answer-questions-from-nokia-conversations-readers/ doesnt strike me as android being in the picture in any way.

  3. Not going to happen. Never in a million years will this happen. Why take a fragmented Android market and fragment it even more. This will give Nokia the chance to make a huge statement in the mobile space. This will also put a fire under HTC and others that just gave short shift to the new windows platform. They won’t want to see Nokia take the lead and it won’t be done with just a big bet on Android. I predict in three years it will be Apple and Microsoft taking the lead with an insignificant Android market.

    The independent developers have spoken by racing to develop new games for Windows phone 7. The momentum now is all Microsoft.

  4. On the other hand, if they wanted to use Android it’s pretty simple to get it running so why wait?

    Pride. And an inability to identify sunk costs.

    On the other hand, if they wanted to use Android it’s pretty simple to get it running so why wait?

    I know, right? It’s like Goldman Sachs and their disgraceful emails getting chewed out before some House committee on television all over again except with a Twitter comment and some blogs screencrapping it. So what if it strikes me as absolutely on target, you don’t say that, it’s just dick. Don’t be a dick to a company who, for example, actually funds, secretly, other people’s lawsuits against you that have nothing to do with them. Be a man and turn the other cheek, don’t go flapping your VP lip on Twitter with some “it’s funny because it’s true” flip remark!

    At least instead of turkeys they should have compared it to a poorly trained and weak lifeguard going after a really panicked drowning person who likes to grab onto lifeguards really tightly while doing that thing kids do when you try to lift them and they go limp, feeling really heavy. Actually no, that’s no good, exceeds 140 characters.

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