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Wallpaper Editor Really Works…and It’s Easy

Though I have been loving Herg’s D-Freshest ROM (build 23412), I have been frustrated by my inability to get all of the TF3D backgrounds to match the Home screen. I tried Showaco’s and mUn’s cabs, but they just didn’t work with TF3D 2.1. GenY’s cab worked, but it removed my sporty new Apple slider tab icon. So my new Italian friend, bbonzz, who created the Apple tab icon, turned me on to HDWall, a high-res wallpaper and icon slider editor that you use from your desktop.

It’s soooo easy! Just three easy steps (I didn’t even need instructions; if I can do it, anyone can):

  1. Load Image – Press "Load" or drag&drop the image, select crop & resize options or "Auto Crop & Resize"  – optional: Press "Landscape" & repeat step 1
  2. Create CAB File – Press "Create CAB", select "Include Landscape / Portrait Wallpapers", press "Convert", then "Create CAB".
  3. Copy and install the CAB on your device

And as a bonus, here is a collection of wallpaper cabs for your viewing and using enjoyment (note some are a bit risque).

I can now say that my Fuze is apped and tweaked to near perfection (at least until TF3D 2.5 is ported).

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