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Want To Preview Facebook For WP7?

As we all know, WP7 is based on Silverlight and if there’s a standalone Silverlight app you can pretty much drag and drop it to create a WP7 app with just a few sizing and control changes. Well, it stands to reason that if Microsoft has a Silverlight Facebook application that it will find its way to WP7. It turns out that MS actually has one they simply call Microsoft Silverlight 4 Beta Client for Facebook. And the theme is in line with WP7 bearing all black, large fonts, etc. It needs a little panoramic flow but take a look for yourself and I think you’ll see how easy resizing it to work on a phone will be.

What should also be reassuring is that this is not a watered down phone app. This is a full Facebook client. In fact Lifehacker notes “it has almost everything you could want from Facebook.” They also note it’s beauty and how nice the subtle animations are. Now this is a preview and not a final release of a Silverlight client but check out this link to try it for yourself. If I was a betting man, I’d put my money that this turns into the official WP7 Facebook app.