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Watch, re-watch and share Super Bowl 2010 commercials With kinoma

Via Kinoma Blog- The game may be over – congrats, Saints! – but today you can re-watch, share and enjoy the great* commercials of Super Bowl XLIV on your phone with Kinoma Play. (*Okay, some are greater than others.)

Go to Kinoma Guide > Featured > Super Bowl Commercials 2010 to enjoy these:

  • The Snickers ad with Betty White and the surprise “he’s still alive?” cameo
  • Dorito’s viewer-made ads, including the funny “shock collar” ad that won $600,000
  • The romantic all-text Google ad
  • VW’s “punch dub” ad
  • The Audi “green police” ad
  • The Bud Light “house of cans” ad

…and lots more! Be sure to click “More” to see all of them, or just start the first and let ‘em roll.

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