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WeatherBug App Comes to Windows 8

I guess this is mobile related as you can use it on the Windows tablet right? I have WeatherBug on my HTC Titan Windows Phone, but it drives me nuts as the tile doesn’t always update. My other tiles do and I have it set to update, but it doesn’t do it all the time.. Anyway, you can now get WeatherBug for Windows 8, full details below for you..


-Earth Networks, the owner of WeatherBug® products and services and operator of the largest weather, lightning and climate observation networks, launches WeatherBug for Windows 8, providing the personalized at-a-glance weather conditions, pinpoint neighborhood-level forecasts and severe weather alerts users around the globe need to stay safe and informed. WeatherBug for Windows 8 brings a new level of customization, interactivity and richness to the ritual of checking the weather.

Early reviews by users in the Windows Store call WeatherBug for Windows 8 “clean, smart and functional” and a “great example of the power and beauty” of a Windows Store app with a “very elegant and beautiful design.” The app debuts with an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars in the Windows Store. WeatherBug designed its new app for Windows 8 to take advantage of the platform’s live tiles features and functionality.

Like WeatherBug’s entire line of mobile, desktop and web products, WeatherBug for Windows 8 utilizes weather data from the largest global weather network. This network provides data from 35,000 locations, including real-time weather data from 10,000 neighborhood-level, professional-grade sensors available only to WeatherBug users.

WeatherBug for Windows 8 includes an array of features:

Dynamic Live Tiles: Rich live tiles feature images that provide at-a-glance weather updates for your favorite location, right from your home screen. To stay on top of weather for the places that matter to you, create multiple tiles for all your saved locations.

My Alerts Center: Know Before™ and stay informed of severe weather impacting your life with exclusive Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts and National Weather Service watches and warnings to keep you and those you care about out of harm’s way.

Global Reach: WeatherBug for Windows 8 supports 26 different languages. The app’s powerful ENcast engine produces the most accurate forecasts with the fastest updates for 60,000 cities for users around the world.

Pinpoint Forecasts: Get the most detailed extended and hourly forecast information available from the weather station closest to you and for locations around the world. Plus, the app’s background changes to match the weather at your saved locations.

Custom Notifications: Should you bring sunglasses or an umbrella today? With one touch, set personal alerts on the weather conditions important to you.

Interactive Maps: Track developing weather patterns in real time with interactive maps featuring seven configurable layers, including animated radar, pressure, wind, humidity and cloud cover with full “pinch-and-zoom” functionality.

The new WeatherBug app for Windows 8 is available for free download from the Windows Store. Learn more: