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Weatherbug Coming To WP7

The CEO of Weatherbug sat down to talk to Channel9 to talk about using Silverlight, Bing Maps and how that relates to WP7. They note the ease of using Bing’s maps (which they’re using across the board now) and the benefit of not having to write the maps on the backside and by using Silverlight they were able to port the app over to WP7. So WP7 users will get the same experience as you get on the desktop version. At the 5:30 mark they say that they’re going to show off their first version of the app…and the screen fades to black…fortunately their website has a silverlight weatherbug demo. The pic comes from an app that was originally written for Nokias (but we’ll put that aside for now:)) so there’s no Bing maps in action so this is just a teaser.