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What am I Running on my HD2?

Recently we started doing a series of posts where each writer lists the apps that they have running on their phone and today it is my turn. My list is very short! I don’t run a lot of apps on my phone at all. I mainly use my phone for emails, IM, texting and calling that is pretty much the extent of the apps I use.

Let me start off by saying, I am running NRG’s Cookie Energy Rom. I have always used NRG’s roms since I had my fuze because I always felt like the roms worked out of the box to my liking without much tweaking. Also having the same rom chef from my fuze days allows me to quickly flash and have my phone working and knowing where everything is located.

Here are the apps that I use the most.

1) Palring (The best IM app out there even better than beejive!) I have this app running almost 24/7.

2) Opera use this to check some news, sportscenter and other websites while I am on the can. 🙂

3) youtube pretty self explanatory. I use this to watch videos when I am bored.

4) Flashlight: I use this when I am walking around my house at night.

5) Windows my phone every time I flash a new rom.

6) Omarket to download some apps which i have never user like stopwatch, mobile receptionist and deluxe moon. I just have them for whenever I might need them.

7) Skyfire to watch live streams of sporting events when I am not near a TV.

8) Total commander for browsing my phones folders and my memory card and for making registry changes.

9) Word mobile: when I need to type some stuff really quickly.

These are pretty much all of the apps I use on my phone at least more than once a month. All other apps are barely used.