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Mobility Digest Review: Earjax Moxy Earbuds

I don’t know about you but I use my phone for more than a phone, and if you have a smartphone I’m sure you do as well or you’re wasting it. I have a Samsung Galaxy S Captivate that I love and it features a great stock music player, at least I think it is and I use it whenever I can. The Captivate does come with headphones but they’re not that great, at least I don’t think they are so I don’t use them. I like my music to sound good, so I use good headphones or earbuds actually. Today for review I’ve got a set of very good earbuds from a company called Earjax and they’re called the Moxy. They’re very well made and they sound great. One of the great things about these eabuds is that when you buy them, you’re not only getting a great set of earbuds but they’ll donate a portion of the proceeds to the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Vendor: Earjax

Price: $79.95

Overall Rating: 5/5


Ultra-lightweight, anodized aluminum encasement that is scientifically angled for fit and perfection of sound quality.

You will experience years of astonishing sound in an ultra-lightweight, anodized aluminum encasement that is scientifically angled for fit and perfection of sound quality. Give a pair to someone important, maybe yourself.
– Give Generously.

Design: earbud, in-ear
Speaker Type: high definition mini speaker
Speaker Diameter:     10mm
Frequency Response: 20 Hz. – 25k Hz
Power Handling: 3 mW
Magnet Type: neodymium
Sensitivity: 105 dB 1mW
Impedance: 16 ohm
Cable Length: 49 inches
Cable Type: woven cloth braid
Plug Type: gold-plated mini plug

Included Accessories
-zippered hard case, black
-convenient cable wrap
-multi-tip fit kit – S,M,L, standard – S,M, L, transparent tips – 1 pr. three-tiered tips
-bonus earjax decals

What’s in the Box?

How about we start off with the video unboxing:

As I mentioned in the video when you buy a pair of Earjax headphones you’ll be donating to the Starkey Hearing Foundation.


Included with the earbuds is a nice case, stickers and user manual.


The case is very nice, it appears to be leather and it has the Earjax logo on the front and it zips open and closed.

moxy4 moxy5

When you open it up you’ll find a zipped bag with the silicone earbuds in it and a carabineer. The case has a small little mesh pocket in it as well. There’s also a plastic insert that is used to store the headphones and keep them untangled.

moxy6 moxy7

You’ll find different sizes and colors and even styles of silicone earbuds, so there’s one to fit everyone and there’s a little plastic clip too.


The headphone cable is well made and braided.


There is a a slider that can be used to adjust the length or size between the earbuds.


The earbuds themselves are nicely made, they have an aluminum housing.


Impressions / Review:

Here’s how the case works:


I tested the Moxy earbuds with both my phone and my Zune HD.


The Captivate is interesting in that it features a 5.1 surround sound mode when used with headphones, it’s great for movies and for music it does make things sound much fuller and better overall.


The Moxy headphones sound very good, they’re very full sounding and have good bass to them, not overpowering but you know it’s there. The treble or highs are a bit missing, but they are there, I like them to be more pronounced than the Moxy offers. Still though the sound is very good for a set earbuds that costs under $100.

+Very well made 
+Lots of extras included 
+Good full sound

+Video camera is actually decent

-Not a lot of treble really