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WhatsApp for Multi-View on Touchwiz Premium Suite on the Galaxy S3 and Note 2!

Depending on where you live and what carrier brand your phone or phablet is, most likely if you own either the Samsung Galaxy S 3 or the Note 2, you have Google’s Android version 4.1.2 Jelly Bean with TouchWiz running on it, complete with the new Premium Suite which allows you to run two apps on-screen at once. Multi-View is a bound-breaking step towards really useful true-multitasking on mobile devices (the only other devices on the current market that can pull of such a feat on stock firmware are the tablets that run Windows 8 RT) , it is rather limited by the number of apps that can take advantage of this feature, or rather, the lack of apps that take advantage of this feature.

There are ways around this to get your device to run all apps to function with the Multi-View, however they require the device to be rooted, and not everyone wants to root their phone, which is understandable. The majority of the apps that one may wish to use in a Multi-Window scenario are supported; Facebook, Twitter, Chrome, Stock Messenger (and some third party messengers), YouTube and a few others, but there are a few missing that it would be beneficial to include. Among them are your IM apps, more specifically in my case, WhatsApp. How often I have to pause YouTube or flip backwards and forwards between my browser or Facebook and WhatsApp to continue my conversation while doing other things is beyond countable, if only I could integrate WhatsApp into my phone’s Multi-Window…

Hey, guess what, fellow non-rooter? Now you can.

Thanks to XDA forum-member j101399j there is a home-brewed version of the WhatsApp app available for you to sideload into your phone which will run as part of your multi-view functions. Just follow these simple instructions to have it installed on your phone in minutes:

1. Uninstall your Google Play version of WhatsApp (NOTE: it is VERY important that you do this first, and don’t forget to back up the information if you have any important messages)

2. Download the .APK from here

3. Install the .APK on your phone.

4. Run the set-up as normal and enjoy!

The same XDA member that created this modified version of WhatsApp also has a video tutorial for anyone with a little developing know-how who might want to have a little tinker with any other application that they may want to edit to function with the Premium Suite which can be seen here.

Do you use the Multi-View a lot? Is this app-mod useful for you? Which market apps would you like to see upgraded to work with multi-view?  Please tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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