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Wheel – A Multitouch Game For Resistive Windows Mobile Devices

Yeah you read that right. Wheel (v 0.4.3) is a game that utilizes ‘multitouch’ even though it’s a resistive screen. We’ve discussed this in the past, but what it does is create a virtual button between the two buttons you see on the screen and that gets triggered when you press two buttons at once. Anyway, the trick is well utilized in this game so as a user you think it’s real multitouch in action. The game itself challenges you to move a wheel through a board and collect as many stars as you can before you are caught. You need to escape by getting to the end of the board first. It’s actually a neat concept and fun to play. I’m sure many of you using a resistive screen (not an HD2) will love using multitouch in a real game. The XDA thread and full details are here but this is not screen dependent, so almost all screen resolutions can try it out. One small note: if you’re using a capacitive screen that utilizes multitouch then to play the game you can’t use ‘multitouch’. You actually need to click the mid-point between the onscreen buttons because of the way the game is written. Anyway, it’s definitely worth trying for all of you holding tight to a WM device

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